The following is a white blood cell chasing a bacterium. It eventually ends up swallowing it. The following white blood cell is specifically a neutrophil. They end up ingesting the microbe a process known as phagocytosis. 


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If you are looking for the most amazing zombie apocalypse movie, then I recommend World War Z. 

A while back, I actually went in the theaters to see the Conjuring but forgot my ID so settled for World War Z. 

Best mistake of my life. 

This movie has a way of making you forget about all your problems and for an entire 2 hours and 3 minutes, the only thought that occupies your mind is OH SNAP. The action, the suspense, and the entire plot was excellent. 

Overall a fantastic movie.

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so my family plays this game where if someone is holding something and you yell “drop the bass” they have to drop what they’re holding so my mom was holding a carton of eggs so i yelled it and she looked me dead in the eye, dropped then eggs on the floor and whispered “you’ve gone too far

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Can someone explain to me what kissing feels like please…I don’t care how GET CREATIVE






Friendly reminder this show was filmed in front of a live studio audience in one take.

And that all sitcom laugh tracks are taken from this show because the laughter was so sincere.

friendly reminder that this show was fuckin awesome

And most of the people who were recorded laughing are dead now. When you hear people laughing in sitcoms today, it’s the recorded laughter of dead people.

Well that escalated quickly

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Photography by Alexey Titarenko

It’s spooky but kinda beautiful

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this hedgehog is cheering for u bc u can do anything image

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it never ends

My whole life in a gif.


And money is an issue too

Mackevision’s VFX reel for Game of Thrones Season 4 (x)

If someone were to take a boat under the spartan…would it be detailed under there as well

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